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March 17th, 2011

One more Fireball run

Because you really can't have enough Fireball video. Tough course but I broke it down for the baby and he did awesome. :)  Thank  you Vici for taking the time to video!

March 16th, 2011

Power Paws Class


Weaves: popping if I suddenly accelerate forward. Stayed in while I peeled away laterally but slowed down and lost some rhythm in his footwork. 
Need to work: Maintaining speed as I increase distance.

Front-crosses: I'm still rotating too late and he's going wide. He's not reading my positional cue when I'm lateral.

*Not on video. Confusion between teeter and dog walk. Flying off teeter. I need to be more verbal to help him discriminate between the two. I'm worried about this cropping up when I start showing him.*

Fireball and his shadow


In denial


Much more comfortable in a proper size bed.

Nine Weeks

Twelve Weeks

Thirteen Weeks

March 1st, 2011

Power Paws Class


I finally have new video of Fireball. The previous two classes I felt Fireball and I were so in tune to one another, of course I didn't have anyone to video us. This week Vici came to class and was able to get all my runs taped. Thanks Vici!

My impression driving home from class was that Fireball struggled today. I left feeling down about all the mistakes we made and worrying about all the knocked bars. Reviewing the video I see he only dropped one bar and his jumping looks quite good. Glad I inconvenienced Vici and made her tape me. :)

Things to work on:

Startline- he has a nervous twitch in one paw that starts as soon as I leave him. Worse on the first run then got better. The lazy trainer in me wants to let it go but I know it will bite me in the butt.

LOP and Threadles- LATE LATE LATE!

Weave Poles- Popped at 10 on almost every set of weaves.  He was doing this at the Demo so I knew it would be a problem. Gotta stay in there buddy.

Rotating my shoulders- I find I'm constantly watching him instead of fully rotating through my turns and giving clear directions. Bad habit from running such inexperienced dogs. Moe has been getting on me about that but nothing brings home the truth better than video.

Contacts- poor guy was thrown for a loop with the new Dog Walk and Teeter locations. He kept mixing them up. The A-Frame was a little slow today too but I think that was fallout from practice last night in RWC. He hit the frame with too much speed and landed on the downside in one stride.

Things that were awesome:

Rear Crosses- Starting to feel natural with Fireball. I'm trying to really accelerate through them and I felt I did a good job of that today. Now if I could just finish rotating my shoulders we'd be in business.

Coming into me for a reward- I'm trying to reward at my body more because he does find equipment so rewarding. Even when I was late he still ran into to me to tug instead of continuing onto the next jump.

Broad Jump- First time doing lead outs with a broad jump. He was GREAT even in the LOP.

February 15th, 2011

Love my smoothies.


February 14th, 2011

VAST Feb 12-13, 2011



Standard: First A-frame of the show, ran it instead of the beautiful 2on/2off we've been practicing, that put me out of position for the next jumps but somehow I got Monkey back on course only to have her skip the tire. Miss Monkey was on a mission and blew by me.....reading the numbers maybe?...luckily she does stop on her dog walk so we were back on track. I tested her poles and she did pop so we left.

Gamble: Operation stop on frame was back in play. Monkey had other ideas so we abandoned ship and scooped up some random points and finished our gamble for a Q.

Steeplechase: Did not want to take the jump that I was standing in front of but I got her back. New plan to stop on frame, pause her before the frame to remind her of her job, I CAN out think a Monkey....well maybe. Didn't work the first time but after our off course tunnel suck she nailed her frame and then came off looking for me maybe in hopes of praise. :)  We tried to finish the course in style but it was more comedy than poetry in motion.

Snooker: Hot mess. Like a bad dream, lots of running and skipping jumps.  Watching it back on video does make me smile though. She really did have fun. :)

Jumpers: Simple lead out pivot but she refused to take jump number 3. Does not want to turn her back on the rest of the course. Everything else was pretty nice. One knocked bar because of my double front cross.


Jumpers: Because of our lead out problems I try running into a front cross in the start. Doesn't work much better. I'm forced to try to serp a jump that very few had success with. Epic Fail. Down the line I push for another front but she had already chosen her path so we got the wide outrun around the correct jump. Ending was fine. My spirits are pretty low at this point.

Snooker: Missed this run. I looked at the run order incorrectly and thought I was late in the order. I was wrong and by the time I figured it out I was too late. Spirits droop even lower.

Gamble: Another opportunity to work my frame. Some success but far from what I'm looking for. I barely have time to eek out enough opening points before the buzzer rings. We run to the gamble and she does a beautiful 2on/2off on the frame to nail the gamble and pick up yet another gamble Q.

Grand Prix: The course was deceptively easy. I saw very few clean runs.  Lots of hard angles that caused so many dogs to knock bars. I have no expectations for this run. It's the last run and almost dark and I just want to go home. Turns out to be SpaceMonkey's best run of the weekend. One knocked bar. The A-frame was scary. I thought she was going to land on my head. I guess she's not ready for me to be ahead of her on the frame yet. Yikes!

-Monkey was fast in all her runs
-start-lines were fantastic
-ringside behavior has improved
-dog walk/teeter were perfect
-nice weave entrances

Need to improve:
-My negative attitude. Yes, she should be able to do a simple lead out pivot, but obviously she can't at a show yet. She is not doing these things to spite me. She is really trying. I must keep remembering this.......
-Bring my lounge chair to long shows so I can nap.
-Front crosses. Moving and stationary.
-Staying in the weaves. Really handicapped if I can't leave her.

I didn't have my camera handy so I took a short video of SpaceMonkey sleeping. Love this dog.

February 8th, 2011

Tuesday Practice


Fireball got a few runs at Power Paws this morning. The weather was super windy and cold. I've posted a video of the best parts of each run. I try to reward every 3 or 4 obstacles so it's hard to show much continuity. He had a lot of issues with dropped bars and slipping. The last run he banged into a jump and got a stinger but walked out of it. He is such a tiny boy that I'm constantly worried about him.  He's measured at 20.5 inches for 4 months now but he still seems so small to me. I think I need to relax more and not worry so much. Easier said than done.

February 6th, 2011

Stop in the name of Q's!


Was a partial success. We had A- frame stoppage but a knocked bar left us with only one Novice Standard leg. The course was super simple but I rushed the double to chute approach causing SpaceMonkey to turn ever so slightly over the bar. My bad.

Open Jumpers was a riot. Most dogs turned the wrong way over the double jump so I was expecting something similar with the Monkey and she didn't disappoint.  Unfortunately I couldn't stop the back jump and never seemed able to find my way back on course. Monkey sensing my weakness, took it upon herself to finish the run Monkey style, which includes long distance weaves and a fast run back to her leash.

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